Welcome to Premier Color Group, Inc.

Premier Color Group, Inc. is a South Carolina based supplier of custom color and additive masterbatches and compounds for the plastics industry. We provide custom color matching and specialized additive formulation for products ranging from household goods, office products, and toys to medical and industrial applications. Our plastic resins, compounds, color concentrates and additives improve the performance and appearance of manufactured products and allow for distinctions in aesthetics, color-coding, sorting, and specialized applications.

In an industry rife with huge corporations and multi-million dollar budgets, we're the little guy—which means we have to try harder. That's why our focus is on superior customer service and satisfaction. If you ask us for a color match, we'll match more accurately and faster than anyone in our industry.

At Premier Color Group, Inc., our facility is designed to function efficiently, our knowledge comes from hands-on experience in the color compounding industry, and we have a personal investment in providing our customers with absolute satisfaction. In particular, we pride ourselves on:

  • Quality products
  • Superior pigment dispersion
  • Batch-to-batch consistency
  • Proven formulation technologies
  • Quick production turnaround
  • A knowledgeable, experienced work force

We don't have multiple production facilities around the world; we have one—in Williamston, South Carolina—which means we have absolute control over quality, production that meets stringent U.S. manufacturing standards, a 100% American work force, and a bottom line to meet every day. When you're small, you can't afford to make mistakes, and you can't afford to keep customers waiting. Our slogan says it all: "We're the GROUP that works for YOU." We invite you to call Premier Color Group, Inc. and let us demonstrate why the new kid on the block is the best one to call if fast reliable service is what you desire.

ISO Certified

Premier Color Group, Inc.
Address: 547 Mill Street, Williamston, SC 29697
Phone: 864-847-7770 | Toll Free: 1-800-PColorG (726-5674) | Fax: 864-847-7771